Post – ILI Support and Review

Upon receipt of the ILI vendor’s final report, a post ILI assessment is usually initiated. Our vast experience of pipeline pigging operations, understanding & application of ILI technologies and data analysis can be used to assess ILI data quality, comparison of ILI & in-ditch verification results, optimize repair plans and ensure an effective pipeline integrity management program.

The key process includes:

• Validation of ILI runs
• Assess ILI data quality
• Comparison of ILI results against in-ditch verification results
• Data Alignment
• Signal comparisons for anomaly growth and to identify:
• Areas of active / non-active corrosion
• Reporting inconsistencies
• Repair and rehabilitation planning
• Future inspection strategies

Corrosion Control and Management

WeGauge delivers best-in-class pipeline corrosion and corrosion control solutions. We have experienced team of NACE certified Corrosion engineers and specialists who deliver perform independent pipeline corrosion review and audits cost-effective corrosion monitoring, mitigation and long term effective solutions for your pipelines.

We work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver effective pipeline corrosion management practices aligned to best industry practices which have a positive influence on the KPI’s and efficiency of the mitigation measures adopted for corrosion control.
Pig traps, mechanical and chemical cleaning programs, provision and injection of chemicals, water and nitrogen operations, collection, handling and disposal of recovered sludge and debris, pipeline integrity digs and pipeline repair.