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WeGauge Inspection Services provides in-line inspection services to the oil and gas pipeline operators enabling them to monitor their pipelines and develop adequate maintenance and repair programs. Our services include preliminary engineering and assessment, tool selection and configuration, project management, ILI tool runs and data analysis and integration.

WeGauge Engineering provides solutions to the challenging needs of pipeline inspection and complex integrity issues of oil and gas pipeline systems

The core team of WeGauge comprises of Engineers with 20+ years of extensive experience in pipeline industry and have a close collaboration with reputed SMEs from International pipeline community.

WeGauge Pipe Engineering can facilitate the design, manufacturing and supply of pipeline pigging tools, Tracking equipment and Launcher/Receiver traps in accordance with industry standards.


Our company specializes in manufacturing and operates high-resolution pipeline inline inspection tools which include:

  • High-Resolution Axial MFL Tool
  • High-Resolution Circumferential TFI Tool
  • High-Resolution Multi-Channel Deformation (Caliper Tool)
  • Combination Tools with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)



  1. Development and manufacturing of in-line inspection tools and cleaning equipment
  2. In-line inspection with generation of inspection reports
  3. Supply of cleaning pigs & spare
  4. Supply of traps (launchers & receivers)
  5. Manufacturing and supply of pig tracking devices & Pig Locators
  6. ROV services
  7. Mechanical & Chemical cleaning of the oil and gas pipeline
  8. Defect verification
  9. Pigging the Non-Piggable pipelines
  10. Pipeline repair and maintenance
  11. Training and Consulting
  12. Standalone maintenance pigging contract
  13. Long range ultrasonic & Short-range ultrasonic survey

We provide complete range of pipeline Integrity Management services from 6 inch to 48 inch diameter as follows:

  • Cleaning operations
  • Geometry inspection (CLP)
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection
  • Transverse Field Inspection (TFI) Technology
  • Mapping services